We have a long history of helping clients find loans to fit their needs.  Don't take our word for it though -- see what our customers have to say about their experience.

James, I am so grateful to have you as my loan officer you were incredible. Your professionalism and expertise is something I will never forget. From the beginning to the end you were persistent, kept in contact, and kept a positive attitude.

Thank you for going above and beyond and helping me purchased my first home. I will recommend you to all I know. In the future, if I need another loan or refinance, you will be my first call.


Dear James and Melissa, I want to thank you guys for helping me make my home ownership dream come true! The odds were stacked against me and all other banks just said, "sorry we can't help you".

I appreciate the hard work and dedication you provided me. You guys were my life preserver in the rolling sea of home ownership paperwork, chaos, and credit scores. You both have my eternal gratitude!


I had no idea what I was doing and Lindsey walked me through it all!

At 55 I had never owned a home and had no idea what to do first! Lindsey was always very patient and answered all my questions(some more than once!). This was a for sale by owner and Lindsey had to basically do the work of a realtor too. She walked me through every step and kept me up to date on the whole process, making sure everything was completed on time. Like others have said, Lindsey formed a personal relationship with me and was very easy to work with and very reassuring as we went along on this journey together! Don't hesitate to call her if you are thinking of buying a home and need financing. She is a gem!!

First-time homebuyer/Lindsey's biggest fan

Lindsey was so patient, kind, and willing to go above and beyond for our family. We went in not expecting much, and closed early our beloved home. We're forever grateful to her and her company. You're not just a piece of paper with a line of numbers in her hands, you're a person with a story, and she'll work extra hard for you (and she truly knows her stuff). Again, we closed early!!! She's the best!

Lindsey was very helpful throughout the whole process, and always made time for any questions that I had. Great person to work with! You will not be disappointed with using Lindsey!


Dear James:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the hard work and resources you provide us for mortgage loans. Since establishing our relationship in March 2012, Universal Lending Corporation and your team have exceeded my expectations. I greatly appreciate your timeliness on responding to questions and the ease of getting a loan from application to closing.

I look forward to our continued relationship and would recommend Universal Lending Corporation to others.


Carrie Wilkerson - Senior VP / Senior Loan Officer
Keystone Savings Bank

Lindsey is the best!!! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is also very helpful, honest & easy to work with. We were able to do almost everything electronically, she went out of her way to make things as smooth as possible for my family. I will definitely call Lindsey again next time we move.

Holly & Nick

I just wanted to say Thank You again for working so hard to get my house refinanced. You made it so easy and painless. Thanks again, we were finally able to start over.

Brandi, Matt, Ryllie & Skyler

As most Americans, my family started to feel the crunch of the down economy. We got pay cuts at our jobs and other household expenses continued to go up. We started looking into refinancing our home. Unfortunately, as our pay was decreasing so was the value of our home. This created some difficulties in us finding a company that would refinance us. However, when I was referred to James Whitfield at Universal Lending it was smooth sailing. He took care of all of our paperwork and got us approved in no time. He was the most professional and pleasant person to work with. He worked hard to make our life easier. Refinancing our house made it possible for us to continue to pay all our bills on time and stay in our home.

I would recommend James Whitfield and Universal Lending to anyone who is looking to purchase a new home or refinance their existing home.

Rachel Goodrich

Lindsey is a very nice person and was easy to work with. She answers questions and explains things so you can understand. I would work with her again.


Hi, my name is Tina Norris and my husband's name is Eric, a few years back we got in a hard spot and our credit was hurt really badly. To the point where we couldn't go get car loan. It definitely looked like we would never be home owners; my husband and I felt this was an unreachable dream. We watched as our friends and family all owned homes. We paid ridiculous high rent. We finally convinced someone to trust us enough to let us buy on contract. Our payment was ridiculous and hardly any of the payment was going toward the premium, we received a letter in the mail one day from Universal Lending, I almost threw it in the trash but for some reason I opened it, Thank God I didn't throw this letter away and I called Universal Lending and spoke with James Whitfield he was so nice and he went above and beyond to help my husband I. We are now home owners! and it took less than a month from beginning to end. I hope that there are people out there reading this letter, because I want you to know that if you think it's hopeless and that you will never be a home owner you are wrong. Just call. That's all that is stopping you from owning your home is a phone call. Don't just give up because this is truly a reachable dream, I'm proof that owning a home is possible. I want everyone out there to hear my story and believe, quit paying rent! You can own your home sometimes without a down payment and if you do have to have a down payment Universal Lending will work with you so you can afford it., Call Universal Lending you have nothing to lose!

Thank You Universal Lending A special thanks to James Whitfield and Melissa Merrifield.
This was our best Thanksgiving ever!

Eric and Tina Norris

Lindsay goes above and beyond! She is very personable, professional, and is a great person to work with.

She worked outside of office hours to make sure she had everything I needed and made me feel comfortable the whole time!

The first time buying a home is very stressful, and she made me feel at ease every time we talked. She builds a personal relationship and makes you feel like you've known her for years! I will definitely be recommending her to anyone interested in purchasing a home!